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Erin Sevitz 2017-05-11 17:32:06

Many FM professionals are familiar with the philosophy of the triple bottom line — people, planet, profit — and the challenges that come with supporting all three. The good news is sustainable practices help FMs get results in each area. Prioritizing sustainable facilities helps the planet, of course, but many sustainability measures also deliver added benefits for cost savings and occupant well-being. These benefits add up to a lot in an industry where measurable corporate social responsibility is key to competitive positioning and maintaining the loyalty of customers and team members alike. To be truly sustainable is to be competitive — competitively dedicated to establishing maintainable and environmentally friendly operations, leading in green practices and putting the profits of effective stewardship back into creating a built environment dedicated to safe, healthy and productive spaces. IFMA embarked on the collaboration with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to unify FM across global markets and connect FMs with resources and each other, all to achieve improved FM practice that supports the triple bottom line. Together, we can identify opportunities to grow sustainable FM and create buildings, real estate portfolios and cities that are poised to meet the environmental challenges ahead. Sustainability is within reach for every facility, and IFMA is committed to equipping FMs with the knowledge, skills, tools and professional connections needed to foster a truly sustainable future. World FM Week 2017: May 15-19 This May, IFMA will join facility organizations and professionals worldwide to recognize the integral role of FM by celebrating World FM Day on May 17. The 2017 theme, “enabling positive experiences,” highlights how FM enables exceptional spaces that enhance life. We’re eager to put the spotlight on FM professionals throughout the week via the following: • 5 days of gratitude To show our appreciation to the FM community, IFMA will feature a free content resource for each day of World FM Week. Watch for links to be announced daily on IFMA's social media outlets. • Share the love If you are planning your own World FM Day event, we want to hear about it! Contact so we can share your plans with our global network of FM professionals. • Get social Don’t forget to connect with colleagues worldwide using #WorldFMDay on your social media posts. You’ll be in good company, and we want see what FM celebration looks like for your team. Turn to page 23 to learn more about World FM Day, or visit FMJ: Your magazine IFMA is always looking for ways to meet your needs and improve your member experience, and that holds true for FMJ as well. What would you like to see for the future of your professional magazine? We welcome your comments and feedback and hope to connect with you soon.

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