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2017-05-12 02:45:58

IoT waste monitoring helps cut hauling costs and improve sustainability As a facility manager, how do you optimize resources to ensure that waste containers are not emptied too early or worse, too late? How do you ensure that your waste hauler arrives only at the right times — when waste containers are just full? For many years this has been near impossible and facilities have been forced to pay unnecessary hauling fees, while running the risk of health hazards due to over-filled waste containers. The good news is that OnePlus Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing that. Using wireless waste monitoring sensors and a powerful analytics platform, OnePlus Systems enables facility managers to always know their waste levels in onsite compactors and both external and internal waste containers. OnePlus sensors report the fill-level of your waste containers directly to the WasteForce platform, ensuring you, your cleaning staff and your hauler always know the right time to empty. Visit to learn more about IoT waste monitoring from OnePlus Systems. HLR technology provides unique solution to boost energy efficiency, reduce costs in commercial buildings With commercial buildings spending as much as US$80 billion dollars annually on heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) costs, the industry is looking to new technologies to pave the way for a future that’s friendlier to the bottom line. At the forefront is enVerid Systems Inc., the leader in energy savings and indoor air quality solutions for commercial, government and educational buildings, which has seen growing demand for its HVAC Load Reduction® (HLR®) technology with mechanical engineers, building owners, facility managers and architects. The HLR module is the only solution that safely and intelligently cleans indoor air of contaminants such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter, thereby reducing energy consumption by 20 to 40 percent and significantly lowering HVAC costs, while improving indoor air quality for better health, productivity, and satisfaction. By cleaning and recycling the indoor air instead of constantly replacing it with outside air, enVerid’s HLR system decreases the outside air intake required to ventilate a building by 60 to 80 percent and also reduces peak HVAC capacity, resulting in up to 40 percent lower utility demand charges. Moreover, with HLR technology, buildings can invest in lower-capacity and less expensive HVAC systems, and benefit from decreased maintenance costs and extended life of existing equipment. For more information on products from Silver-level IFMA Corporate Sustaining Partner enVerid Systems, Inc., visit Smart water cooler designer partners to offer next-gen seltzer machines Bevi, a company that designs high-tech coolers for sparkling and flavored water, announced a distribution partnership with Canteen, the nation’s leading provider in unattended retail solutions. This agreement adds a revolutionary offering to Canteen’s product lineup, reflecting changing consumer demands for more personalized, healthy and sustainable beverage offerings. Previously Bevi served hundreds of clients in New York, Boston and San Francisco; with the Canteen partnership, Bevi is now available in all major metro areas in the continental United States. The Bevi machine customizes still and sparkling water with unsweetened, zero-calorie, or organically sweetened natural flavors. All machines are Internet-connected, with real-time data enabling proactive service and maintenance of Bevi machines. The company’s mission is to make the bottled beverage supply chain more environmentally friendly, and it has already saved more than 4 million plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill. Visit for more information on Bevi. To learn more about Canteen, visit Wireless lighting control system provides scalable solution for new, existing commercial buildings According to the United States Energy Information Administration, 60 percent of U.S. commercial buildings were constructed before 1980, representing a tremendous need for retrofit products. This staggering number, combined with the ongoing contractor labor shortage, means that demand is high for time and labor-saving products and solutions. To address these issues, lighting control pioneer Lutron Electronics recently launched its ViveTM wireless lighting control, which makes it easier than ever to bring energy-savings and comfort-enhancing benefits into new and existing commercial buildings. Leveraging Lutron’s ultra-reliable Clear Connect® wireless technology, Vive is easy to design, simple to install, and extremely flexible, easily adapting to the changing needs of a building over time. Compatible with smart phones, tablets and PCs, Vive is installed up to 70 percent faster than wired systems with minimal disruption to building occupants. Visit for more information. Portable lifts delivers game-changing, power-free access Integrated into the JLG family of products following the acquisition of Power Towers in June 2015, the EcoLift series features an innovative, power-free design, thanks to a patented stored power lift/lower system that allows for trouble-free 24/7 use. No setup time is required, and a sturdy base and automatic locking wheels let operators work confidently with both hands. Available in two models, the EcoLift 50 and EcoLift 70 offer clean, green operation with no batteries or hydraulic oil, making them virtually maintenance-free and quiet. The machines are easy to operate, environmentally friendly, and provide working heights of 10 feet 11 inches and 13 feet 2.5 inches, respectively, by simply turning a handle to move the platform up or down. Both models are rated for a 330-pound capacity, leaving room for materials and tools to boost productivity. The EcoLift series is ideally suited for mechanical, electrical and HVAC contractors, drywallers, carpenters, and painters. Operation is virtually silent, making the lifts ideally suited for noise-sensitive environments, such as facility maintenance, cleaning, painting and decorating in offices, schools, libraries, hospitals and other institutional buildings. The lifts’ lightweight design also makes them easy to push around a jobsite or facility. To learn more about products from IFMA Corporate Sustaining Partner JLG Industries, Inc., visit New product features maximized BIM data validation and reporting Invicara, provider of transformative solutions for building information modeling (BIM), announced the release of BIM Assure 1.2, with new features focused on making BIM data validation and reporting easier and faster. The latest tools help users edit data quickly and share information with people that don’t have access to BIM. BIM Assure is a collaborative, cloud solution that unlocks BIM data and helps entire project teams collaborate on data quality. BIM Assure’s intelligent rules help users to quickly identify and resolve issues to improve BIM quality and sync the corrections back to the source model. In addition, the easy-to-use web app provides a common BIM environment that lets architects, engineers, contractors, and owners share models and manage data, creating new opportunities to streamline design and construction workflows and improve project delivery. BIM Assure’s new capabilities include element data editing, element reports, data slices and interactive two-dimensional views. For more information, visit

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