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2017-05-11 22:08:33

MAKING FM A CAREER OF CHOICE The IFMA Foundation board of trustees and sta. recently came across original documents outlining the mission to make FM a career of choice. Just over three years ago we knew the concerns: • Professionals retiring from FM outpace the number of students choosing to enter it. • Demands on facility managers continue to increase; yet higher educational institutions with FM programs have barely enough interested students to make those programs economically viable for the school. • Something had to be done, and it made sense for the Foundation to lead the charge. We quickly found others who shared our passion for the future of FM. They set us on the right path. We made progress. We experienced setbacks. We learned. We adjusted. We never stopped pushing forward. Reviewing those early documents gave us the opportunity to reflect. We realized that what the Foundation and our dedicated volunteers have accomplished over a relatively short time is remarkable. Here’s where we stand today: • We accredit FM higher education degrees and foster the development of new programs. A strong FM accreditation/recognition program and more FM college graduates are key to the profession’s future. • We introduce FM as a career of choice early in a student’s educational journey. Reaching out to high school, community college and university students increases the talent pool. • We create innovative and educational multimedia, publications and events that focus on advancement and awareness of the FM profession. • We create innovative and educational multimedia, publications and events that focus on advancement and awareness of the FM profession. “Boots on the ground” are essential to making FM a career of choice. It takes a strong coalition of multiple constituencies in every city/region to make change happen. The state of California has served as the proving grounds for the Foundation’s Global Workforce Initiative: • Two regional FM talent pipeline organizations have been established, comprised of chapters, higher and secondary education, workforce and economic development, FM employers and high school STEM programs. • FM talent pipeline teams are meeting in southern and northern California. As a result, courses in the new FM Associates Degree at Chaffey College in San Bernardino begin this fall; and IFMA’s FM Essentials program is being offered through the Fremont Union High School District’s Sunnyvale-Cupertino Adult School. • IFMA’s Silicon Valley Chapter presented one of the largest gifts in the Foundation’s history: a one-time contribution of $65,700. The primary purpose of the chapter’s fund is to award scholarships to regional FM students, and to provide funding for FM workforce initiative programs in northern California. • We’re focused on training those transitioning from other careers like ex-military and other built environment-related jobs in the region. • Strong connections are being built with local high schools to introduce the profession and program to students. The experiences in California have been invaluable. We’re planting seeds to grow in other regions of North America, engaging chapters and facilitating the creation of new regional FM talent pipeline teams. (Download California’s statewide plan at under the Global Workforce Initiative section.) We’ve come a long way; but we’ve really just begun. We can only imagine how far we’ll be the next time we pause and look at what’s been done. Join us in this rewarding journey. Visit to read our progress reports and find out how to donate time and funds to the future of FM. Jeffrey J. Tafel, CAE Executive Director, IFMA Foundation ABOUT US ESTABLISHED IN 1990 AS A NONPROFIT 501(C)(3) CORPORATION AND SEPARATE ENTITY FROM THE INTERNATIONAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, THE IFMA FOUNDATION HAS — FOR 20 YEARS — WORKED FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD BY PROMOTING PRIORITY RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF FACILITY MANAGEMENT. THE IFMA FOUNDATION IS SUPPORTED BY THE GENEROSITY OF THE FACILITY MANAGEMENT COMMUNITY, INCLUDING IFMA MEMBERS, CHAPTERS, COUNCILS, CORPORATE SPONSORS AND PRIVATE CONTRIBUTORS WHO ARE UNITED BY THE BELIEF THAT EDUCATION AND RESEARCH IMPROVE THE FACILITY MANAGEMENT PROFESSION. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE GOOD WORKS OF THE IFMA FOUNDATION, VISIT WWW.IFMAFOUNDATION.ORG. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT IFMA, VISIT WWW.IFMA.ORG.

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